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We create websites & Apps that grow your business

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We take time to  Design and develop websites that keep your audiences glued to the computer/phone screen.

Eddy Amoke
We will not only produce a website design proposal that supports the growth of your business and adds value to your brand , we will deliver a modern responsive website,that will blow of your competitors in the same market space.
Our websites Instinctively resize and adopt to the screen size of each device, be it mobile, tablet or PC, our website design will simplify the user journey and boost engagement, while all along taking your internet speeds into consideration.

Always ready to pitch!

I am part of a team that works tirelessly to bring to you, amazing products and services.

Marion Jacklin
Sales Director/Graphic designer


I lead a dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to bring to you the most amazing projects for a digitally connected world.

Eddy Amoke
Software engineer/Team lead

Whats Up!

I have an obsession with consumer understanding, the power of ideas and its craft.

James Chimoso
Developer/UX designer

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We know to well that a good marketing strategy should be drawn from market research and focus on the product mix in order to achieve the maximum profit and sustain your business..

Marion Jacklin
Gain new customers while retaining current customers with our online marketing strategy. we specialize in search engine marketing (SEM). With additional solutions to backup your SEM strategy, we are a one-stop shop and we continue to drive success by increasing sales revenue and conversions for you. Let us help your business grow with technology!
Our success has come from years of hard work, trust and skill. While we strive for competitive pricing - we believe it is more important to maintain strong business relationships by communication and quality customer support. As your online marketing partner, we care about your business in succeeding and getting your marketing Shillings to work

Simple isn't easy. We tackle the complex to create elegant results Then we Solve the complex,We thrive on solving the big problems which in turn will help grow your business

Eddy Amoke
We are big on CMS, A Content Management System is a tool that gives you control over your own website. With a good your site can evolve to meet the demands of your customers without you having to keep around a developer to help your manage the website, in turn cutting costs.
We constantly strive to produce the highest quality work for every project we are blessed to handle. We transform your dreams and ideas into reality , this is only made possible through shear determination of the professional team at macpczone,

So you know .Graphic design, also known as communication design, is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.

James chimoso
As popular as interactive media has become, print still has a sense of permanence and legitimacy that digital communications struggle to match. From business cards and stationery to brochures and trade show displays, we design printed materials and marketing collateral that makes a lasting impression
When it comes to differentiating your brand, it’s tough to beat custom illustration done by professionals. macpzone has highly capable and talented designers who are big in providing conceptual illustrations that appeal to key demographics within your target market.


As our tag line suggests , we provide technology to grow your business, we are in this for the long run, we do this by providing an exceptional return on investment in our services. We have had the privilege of working with many established companies and organisations both with in Africa and out of Africa

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We’re Creative

We’re Punctual

We are professional

We love minimalism

We’re responsible

We're Friendly

What people say?

They re-designed our site in the shortest amount time possible into something amazing, with a very friendly price tag. Thanks!

Impact East Africa.

What people say?

The New site done by macpczone is amazing, that combined with the Increased traffic to the site due to the online marketing plan is exemplary!

PMI Kenyan chapter.

What people say?

My site was old and out dated they re-designed it and started a marketing campaign for us, we are currently number 4 on google if you search our products!

Energood East Africa
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